Saturday, September 4, 2010

Devil's Tower

** Special Note: For this post I am only going to quickly go over what we did for the day and will defer to Sara’s upcoming guest post for a more detailed account of our adventures and more pictures. As well as a little perspective on Megs and I during the trip! **

Leaving Spearfish, SD, we quickly crossed the state line into Wyoming. Our destination?? Devil’s Tower!!!

Mother Nature is so cool!

My geology knowledge came in handy again… A magma bloom rose to the surface and then cooled, collapsing in on itself and creating the fluted sides that you see today. The surrounding sediment was eroded away over the centuries, leaving this mammoth rock, over 1000 feet high! Our nation’s first National Monument!

We took a nice hike around the whole thing. Found some great views of the surrounding landscape as well…

Interestingly, for those of you who have had the pleasure of experiencing one of my favorite board games, Settlers of Catan, we saw examples of each resource during our trip around the tower!

After some rest and lunch, we headed back to the Black Hills of South Dakota and found ourselves a campsite for the night. Just in time for dinner and a night trip to Mt. Rushmore!!

The night show ts Mt. Rushmore was, ummmm, interesting… Patriotism on Crack would be one way to describe it. There was a really nice moment, however, when folks in the audience who have been in the Armed Forces were asked down to the stage so that they could be recognized.

G Dub, TJ, Teddy, and Good Thinkin’ Lincoln all approved…

Then it was off to bed. Sad with the knowledge that the next day would be Sara’s last with us…

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  1. um scott your history lesson on devil's tower is incorrect. As the natives remember it there were 6 girls out picking flowers when they were chased by a bear, the great spirit felt bad for the innocent girls so to save them it raised the earth. The bear tried to climb to the top, leaving those "scratch marks" all over the tower.
    Please try to be a little less irresponsible in the future with your so called "geology knowledge"

    love jesse