Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sheridan, WY

** Special Note #1: As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been pretty behind the last week or so… My apologies. A number of events conspired against me, but I am back on track! Please check through the entries for the end of August to make sure you haven’t missed anything!! **

** Special Note #2: For this post I am only going to quickly go over what we did for the day and will defer to Sara’s upcoming guest post for a more detailed account of our adventures and more pictures. As well as a little perspective on Megs and I during the trip! **

I won’t lie to you, we slept in this morning… It happens. Plus, Sara had to leave me today, so we were entitled!

But we still were able to do a little hiking near our campsite at Horsethief Lake in the Black Hills National Forest…

We then spent a bit more time hanging out and eating lunch before saying our farewells to Sara at the Rapid City Regional Airport.

By this time, however, it was only early afternoon. And since Megs and I love to give ourselves extra time whenever possible, we decided we should use the rest of the day to knock out what would have been a 5 hour drive tomorrow!

It actually turned out to be a really nice drive! Southeastern Wyoming had been extremely bland, but we found the Northeastern part of the state to be totally different. Our drive took us through a picturesque landscape of rolling hills and pastures. I found it interesting how the land dipped and rose through two different layers of earth, a yellowish white layer and a red one. And the vegetation reflected the layer of earth in which it took root! So, many of the grasses and plants growing in the red soil were green, of course, but they had a reddish tint to them. And the same was true with the grasses rooted in the yellowish layer of soil. It all was a really nice effect, especially in the waning afternoon sun.

As we entered the center of Wyoming, the Rockies again drew near, as well as some rather foreboding storm clouds. But even the prospect of rain couldn’t ruin the beautiful landscape…

So tonight we are staying in Sheridan, WY, close to the Montana border. Tomorrow’s plan is to see the Battlefield of Little Bighorn. Then back over the border to check out Bighorn Canyon and the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range in northern Wyoming. And I am definitely going to cheer on Virginia Tech against Boise State tomorrow night if we can find a bar or restaurant with tvs! Go Hokies!!!

Also, we have a really exciting week ahead of us! The next three or four days are going to be spent in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons! We’ll be seeing the sights, hiking some trails, and doing our best to steer clear of bears… As if that isn’t exciting enough, the next couple days after that will be spent at Glacier National Park in northern Montana. Followed by our last trip into Canada to see Calgary, the Banff and Jasper regions, and Vancouver!!!

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  1. Keep up the good work. We are keeping track of you two. Now that the lazy, hazy days of summer are almost gone we may have to get back to working. Not looking forward to the change of seasons yet...

    The Heppies