Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kennebunk, ME

Normally when I am going on long drives, I don't really end up eating much. Just a lot of snack and go. Which is great for getting to places in good time, but means I am usually terribly hungry upon arrival. But this trip it has seemed like we started eating as soon as we got here and just haven't stopped...

When Sara and I got into town Thursday night, my friend Jesse and his gf Jill, who also happen to be our hosts for this leg of the journey, took us to this place in the Old Port of Portland for flatbread pizza. As you will discover later I am horrible with names, but suffice to say that the place was great, as well as the food. We sat outside of a deck overlooking the bay. All the food was some sort of chemical free and/or organically prepared... I swear the menu was twice as long as it could have been because every ingredient to each dish was described as "nitrate-free sausage", etc. But it was really good and really cool. The kitchen was all open to the rest of the restaurant and looked more like a commune or village of brick oven pizza lovers, rather than your typical kitchen.

The next morning we were pointed in the direction of a good breakfast sandwich place, which also turned out to be a pretty earthy establishment. So much so that Sara walked away wondering if every place in the Portland area was like it. Def not every place, but there certainly is a decent hippie movement in the area. And in Maine in general. Perhaps not to the scale of say, Oregon, but pretty substantial. It's a fun lifestyle.

We then headed down to my old hometown of Kennebunk, ME. I missed it terribly. Everything just feels so comfortable there... Hard to describe that feeling. So after running various errands and getting reacquainted with the beach, we found ourselves at yet another food place. One of my favorites, Bennett's General Store. Greatest subs ever. Amazing bread. Prepared right in front of you. Yum. I got my usual, large meatball & cheese. Housed it. Definitely stopping by there again before I leave.

Then I went to my old High School to setup the first of a weekend of events that I put together for the Kennebunk High School Class of 2000 and our 10 year Reunion. Friday night was to be a casual flag football gathering at the old high school as a throwback to the friday night games we all used to go to in school. 150 people graduated with me, had about 8 of us show up. Not exactly enough for football... Not to fear, the back up plan was a local pub. The rest of the night was spent reconnecting with various old classmates and generally getting a little nostalgic. Saturday night is the main event and it is looking like there will be a decent turnout, so more walks down memory lane are to be had coming soon!


  1. We have seriously eaten the best food everywhere we went. The pizza place was named Flatbreads, I believe... and the breakfast cafe was called 158. So yummy - Jill is definitely convincing me that we ought to relocate here full time one day!

    So happy we got to see the BEACH in Kennebunk, if only for an hour or so.

  2. unknowingly you nailed the name of the pizza place...its literally called Flatbread.