Thursday, July 29, 2010

Liberty, ME

How long has it been since my last post?

Who knows.  I’m working on camp time people!!  When I leave camp for the next adventure you can rest assured that posts will come fast and furious…  But for now, I blame the RV.

About 3 months ago I purchased a 24’ Class C Motor home.  It is a Rockwood motor home body on a 1993 Ford Van Chassis.  Stove top, Oven, Refrigerator, AC, Furnace, Generator, Shower, Running Water, Hot Water, Bed in back, Over Cab Bed, 65000 miles, no real leaks to speak of.

 aka, Awesometown, USA.

 So after a month or two of going out to take a look at various RVs, I finally found this one which was in good shape, drove well, and had low miles.  Bought it and parked it overnight in my development.  Went out the next day to find a nice handwritten note telling me that I needed to move by vehicle, citing the attached section of the Homeowner’s Association Neighborhood Rules.  Sadly VA is not like Maine, space for parking an RV is hard to come by…

Seeing no other alternative, I asked my office if I could park the RV in their parking lot.  Was able to leave it there for almost 3 weeks before their Business Park Association threatened to have it towed away.  Sheesh.  Poor little guy.  Turned away by everyone…  So one weekend in Mid May I jumped in the RV and headed north.  Dropped it here at camp and then proceeded to fly home the next day.  Crazy, but effective.

So now it has a beautiful temporary home here at camp.  And we’ve been taking the opportunity to live in it a bit as a good way to test everything.  Took it down to an RV place in Saco a week ago to get the systems checked out.  Everything works great except for the furnace which they needed to fix.  Picked up a bike rack and other random accessories while there.  Next week I gotta take it to an automotive place to get a few small things fixed up.  Then it’ll be ready for the open road!!  Hope it is ready for 3 months plus of travel and Walmart parking lots…

**As a side note, it’s now only a week and a half before Megs and I embark on our cross country tour.  Exciting for sure, little scary too though.  Ma and Megs will be up to camp this weekend and I am sure that next week will be a whirlwind of preparation…**

Other random thoughts:

-          No matter how long of a time I spend here at camp, I always want it to be longer.  It’s kinda ridiculous.
-         I realize it’s been like 2 weeks between posts…  Rest assured they will be frequent once the trip gets going.  Everybody it seems wants to be kept in the loop!
-         That whole waking up at 6am thing…  Yeah, it turns out I have even become really good about sleeping through loud construction for hours…
-         Speaking of which, the house is coming along great!  The roofers came yesterday, and the insulation guys are here now.  All there is left really is the exterior siding, drywall, kitchen and bathroom stuff, and then finish electrical, plumbing, and lighting!  It’s already bizarre to see the house as finished as it is now, can’t imagine what it’ll feel like when fully completed!!

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