Thursday, July 8, 2010

South Portland, ME

What is it that normal people do on the day after quitting their job? Sleep in? Make a nice breakfast? Languish in the extravagance of all the free time in the world?

Normal is overrated.

What I did this morning was wake up at about 6:30am, showered, and threw everything I could possibly need for the next 4 months or so into my car. Including my girlfriend of course. 14 hours of traveling later:

- I successfully avoided needing gas in New Jersey as it is immensely annoying to me that I can't pump my own gas there.
- I also succeeded in only stopping at a rest stop in Connecticut as the rest of the trip through the state reestablished my contention that I have absolutely no desire to live there.
- I decided that people should really think about how much they are going to inconvenience their fellow motorists before getting themselves into an accident.
- Large tractor trailers are exempt, however, as the wreckage is always well worth it.
- It took the girlfriend approximately 25 minutes to tie a single slipknot, even with step by step instructions. She then proceeded to somehow misplace one of her large, 8 inch, fuchsia, metallic knitting needles. This does not bode well for her future in knitting...
- From the department of common sense, getting 4 hours of sleep before embarking on a full day of driving does not bode well for the efficiency of your trip.

In the end, however, crossing the border into Maine makes all the trials and tribulations of a long journey suddenly seem worthwhile. The first welcome sign along the highway sums it up perfectly.

"Welcome to Maine: The Way Life Should Be"


  1. I still can't figure out how to make my first knit stitch... you are going to love watching me try to knit all month :-)

  2. I guess you found the would lose it. Maybe you should stick with the awesome cooking?

    Scott, I am enjoying this already!