Sunday, July 11, 2010

Liberty, ME

Today was all about things that I miss…

We had Bennett’s subs a couple days ago but couldn’t resist going back down to Kennebunk again for another one. Meatballs & cheese. Sooo good!

Once we got our subs, we took them down to the beach to eat. Growing up I never really appreciated how lucky I was to live in a town that had multiple beaches. To us, it was just a place to go, a place to meet up, a place to watch all the crazy tourists. Then I got down to Virginia Tech and made friends with people from Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, etc. They all talked with reverence about the epic beach weeks that they used to have in high school. I was totally confused. Why would you rent a house with all your friends and go to the beach for a week?
Well, after 10 years of going to school, working, and living in places that have zero access to any ocean or other clean body of water, I completely understand their motivation. It’s like there is a hole in my heart where the water used to be. Because going to the beach was such a regular part of my life, no longer having that as an option is like subconscious torture. Where do I go to meet up with my friends? The drill field at Virginia Tech? The food court? The National Mall with all the DC tourists? And where do I go if I want to get away from everything a just feel at peace? I started taking walks at school down to the duck pond for solace. And because it was the only place to see stars well on campus. You can imagine how great DC is for star gazing…

So anytime I can go back to the beach, even for a short meal, is great. It just feels right.
But always more things to do and places to go…

I headed to the complete opposite end of Kennebunk, just past my old house actually, and picked up a screen house that some family friends are letting my family use. After an entertaining process we got the large old school tent on top of my car and it now looked like we were the hillbillies from VA. All we needed was that rocking chair on top and it would have been perfect.

We of course had to stop in Freeport, ME on the way north, not only to check on our cumbersome rig, but to visit the wonderful world of LL Bean. There are many fond memories of late night trips to the huge outdoor outfitter store, one of the few places we knew of at the time that was open all night. That and all night BK (Burger King) at the highway rest stop… Well now Bean’s has expanded to multiple buildings, selling pretty much anything you could imagine. Came out with a new pair of hiking shoes. I’d be willing to bet that I will get my money’s worth out of those in the next few months…

But the place that I always miss the most? Camp. A 100 foot patch of waterfront on Lake St. George that my family has owned for over 25 years. Spring fed, crystal clear water. Raft, dock, a grassy level area complete with fire pit, screen house. A little bit up the hill, our cottage which has been haltingly built over the years. Further on the hill beyond, my RV, our temporary accommodations while the final phase of house construction is being completed.

If the beach is the place I go to feel calm and peaceful, camp is where I go to leave the world behind completely, besides blogging obviously… Can’t get completely away from the world anymore, sadly. But what I love about camp is that time doesn’t matter. There are no plans. No appointments. No deadlines or schedules. You eat when you feel like it. Swim when you feel like it. Read, nap on the hammock, take a boat or kayak ride, make smores, etc. Whatever you want, whenever you want.

No worries. Just live. I don’t think I could ever get enough of this place. Guess we’ll see…


  1. Bennetts - yum. Beach - amazing. Camp - perfect. Glad we have some sunshine today.

  2. the two of you being at camp and not at a desk in an office is having a serious affect on my word twist addiction