Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kennebunk, ME

I love people watching. At a bar, on the beach, in a busy plaza, it's all interesting. It's fun to try and figure out their personalities and what makes them tick, just from their appearance, demeanor, and maybe small snippets of conversation you happen to overhear. Not stereotyping mind you, just getting a read on things. I like to notice the things that many others don't...

As it turns out, a 10 year high school reunion is another great place to people watch, especially when you can remember the old high school days and compare and contrast. Although the setup wasn't the best for mingling and folks did make some attempts, it was interesting to see that people generally stuck with their friend groups of old. It makes sense because if you are going to catch up with anyone it is going to be the friends you knew back then.

For the most part it seemed like people were much more interested in the lives of classmates outside of their old friends than in the past. The cliques still there but the lines aren't really drawn anymore. And in some cases friend groups have merged and split of the last 10 years for various reasons as well.

In the end we had about 25 people come out of a graduating class of about 150. About what could be expected I suppose for a small town where you generally see half of your graduating class everyday around town... But it was good to do, had a few people travel back from long distances so it was nice to catch up with them. And it was good times rehashing the old stories and talking about the high school days. I really did enjoy my high school years. Lots of great memories. And it was nice to tap back into them with others who were there, even if only once every 10 years or so...

Other random thoughts from the last day or so:

- Hand held electronic Yahtzee is just about the most addictive game I have ever encountered. I can't put it down. It's like crack. I just have this unbridled desire to better my score. And the next game will be the one that does it...
- I love camping, but it gets sooo friggin hot in my tent. Maybe it is just the way the tent is designed, but I feel like someone could make a ton of money designing a tent that breaths, even with the rain sleeve on.
- I don't know what it is but my mood instantly darkens when it starts raining outside... Rain is just so annoying. I know it's necessary and even vital, blah blah blah. It's dumb. You can't see very well while driving and everything just has a generally damp feeling.
- Bennett's is so good that I contemplated driving from South Portland to Kennebunk just for a sub yesterday evening. Drive 30 minutes, eat a delicious sub, then drive 30 minutes. Didn't end up doing it, but def contemplated it... Going to go back down and have one again before heading farther north for sure!

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